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I am chaining multiple where's in my model and it's look like that - user.watched_posts.commented_posts

where watched_posts and commented_posts is just method in the User model that calls where. Currently the results SQL have AND relationship between those where conditions,
SELECT * FROM users WHERE (--watched_posts-) AND (--commented_posts--)

How can I chain the methods but get and OR relationship?
SELECT * FROM users WHERE (--watched_posts-) OR(--commented_posts--)

I don't want to created method like 'watched_or_commented_posts' because it will be strange... And I have lot of other methods that will get chained and I need an OR relationship.

Your help will be appreciated, Yosy.

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The ActiveRecord interface does not provide a wrapper for or. It is provided by Arel however, which is what ActiveRecord uses. You can access a model's arel table by using the arel_table class method.

Take a look at the OR section of the Arel github:


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looks nice, But I don't know I don't like it... –  Yosi May 5 '13 at 19:41
Your other option is to just provide the SQL for the OR directly. –  Logan Serman May 5 '13 at 21:42

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