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I'm trying to be able to select the first and last instances of a given character(s) within a span element.


<span class="foo">hello (this is hello)</span>

I want to be able to find the first bracket and the last bracket within this span and append a class them so the output might be:

<span class="foo">hello <span class="bar">(this is hello)</span></span>

Is this possible? I've looked at first in jQuery but it seems to only work for selecting elements rather than characters.

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You can use a regex :

$('.foo').html(function(_, html){
     return html.replace(/\((.*)\)/, '<span class="bar">($1)</span>')

Demonstration (click "Run with JS)

If you want to deal with more than one bracked group, use

$('.foo').html(function(_, html){
     return html.replace(/\(([^\)]*)\)/g, '<span class="bar">($1)</span>')
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Can you provide documentation for that function(_, html){ you used? –  acdcjunior May 5 '13 at 18:59
It's this one from jQuery. _ is just a variable name, I could have used html(function(i, html) but I like to use _ for unused variables. –  dystroy May 5 '13 at 19:11
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Javascript provides native methods for this. Strings have an indexOf() method that returns the location of the first instance of a given string or character and a lastIndexOf() method that returns the last instance. E.g.:

var firstE = "Hello, Ben!".indexOf('e'); // firstE = 1
var lastE = "Hello, Ben!".lastIndexOf('e'); //lastE = 8
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