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I am working on a Rails project which involves Spree 1.3.2. I am very new to rails and would appreciate your suggestions.

I am in need of changing the default image in Spree (I mean the noimage), but so far found no way to do it. I searched through the documentation, went through the admin section, but all failed.

I have been overriding the default layouts for Spree with Slim templates by following the same name. I located the noimage to be located in app\assets\images\noimaeg\ folder in the source. So I created the path and copied my custom images there. But the image link still shows the old ugly spree default image.

How can this be accomplished. I do not like to edit core files, some thing like an override would be great.

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To override the no-image placeholder of spree. Create the following folder in your rails project


Create the following image files with the png file extension. The name and file extension is crucial here otherwise you wouldn't override spree's default version


Make sure you matched the resolution of the spree's default images when you are creating the no-image assets.




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