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I have a kink that I need to solve.

I am working with a form which looks kind of like

<form action="<?php $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];?>" method="get">
        <input type="number" size="10" name="First" value="{$First}"/>

        <input type="number" size="10" name="Second" value="{$Second}"/>

        <input type="number" size="10" name="Third" value="{$Third}"/>

        <input type="number" size="10" name="Fourth" value="{$Fourth}"/>

        <button type="submit">Hit to submit your inputs</button>

And I also have some php code to retreive these inputs which looks like the following

$First = $_GET['First'];
$Second = $_GET['Second']; 
$Third = $_GET['Third'];
$Fourth = $_GET['Fourth'];

And then I print these inputs made using a simple

echo $First, $Second, $Third, $Fourth;

The problem at hand is that I need to perform a calculation based on these four variables first, and then print out the result after that they have been manipulated.

I have created a function to do this

function calculateIt(){
$overall = $first+$second+$third+$fourth/2;
return $overall;

then I call the function

$call = calculateIt();

But once I echo this call out, It return 0. So I am guessing that the $_GET is not storing the results long enough? Would appreciate some help!

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You need to have parameters to pass the values of those variables, because variables inside a function have scope only withing that function, in other words, the variables inside a function can be only used inside that function,unless and until you use global which is considered as bad practice, so have parameters and pass the values like

function calculateIt($first, $second, $third, $fourth){
   $overall = $first+$second+$third+$fourth/2;
   return $overall;

So when you call, you need to pass the values here like

calculateIt(2, 5, 6, 8); //You can replace digits with local variables having numeric values

Learn Variable Scope

Side Note : Use isset to check if those indexes are set or not, else throw errors to the user

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Ok thanks I solved it –  user2352574 May 5 '13 at 19:03

Your function returns a calculated value of some values ($first, $second ...), but these values are not defined within the function. Therefore it returns 0. (It's just caluclating with values that have value 0)

function calculateIt(){
$overall = $first+$second+$third+$fourth/2;
return $overall;

Pass the values to the functions, like this:

function calculateIt($first = null, $second = null, $third = null, $fourth = null){
//Assigning the values in the declartion of the functions make it easy to
//check wether or not the valeus or ok for calculation
if ($first === null || $second === null || $third === null || $fourth === null) {
   return 0; //return 0 when not all values are sent.

//Do the calculation now when values are ok, and return calculated value
$overall = $first+$second+$third+$fourth/2;
return $overall;

Of course you could do more checking, above was just an example...

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