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I am writing a code and I need to use a loop. I am reading data from a file (data.txt) that looks like this:




and so on.

Here is the segment of the code that I am having trouble with

inputfile = fopen("c:\\class\\data.txt","r");
fscanf(inputfile,"%s %f", &transaction, &amount);

     total += amount;             
     printf("Data %s  %f   %f\n", transaction, amount, total);
     fscanf(inputfile, "%s", &transaction);

}while (transaction == "IMPORT" || transaction == "EXPORT");

When I add a printf line to check what 'transaction' is it shows IMPORT, so I am not sure why the do-while loop is not repeating.

Thank you!

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Assuming transaction is a char array, the comparison

transaction == "IMPORT"

will compare the address of transaction against the address of the string literal "IMPORT".

You need to use

while (strcmp(transaction, "IMPORT") == 0 ||
       strcmp(transaction, "EXPORT") == 0)

to compare strings in C.

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What type is transaction?

In order to use it with fscanf's %s operator it probably is char[], and in that case you need to use strcmp; the == operator will compare character pointer addresses, rather than contents.

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When you try to check transaction == "IMPORT" C only compares the pointer of the first char. That doenst work really well. Maybe try this code:

int str_equal(char* str1, char* str2)
    int i, len;

    if ((len = strlen(str1)) != strlen(str2))
        return 0;

    for (i = 0; i < len; i++)
        if (toupper(str1[i]) != toupper(str2[i]))
            return 0;

    return 1;
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probably like this

    while(2==fscanf(inputfile,"%s %f", transaction, &amount)){
        if(strcmp("IMPORT", transaction)==0)
            total += amount;
        else if(strcmp("EXPORT", transaction)==0)
            total -= amount;
        printf("Data %s  %f   %f\n", transaction, amount, total);
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