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I want to create a neat project that can help me in future to update. I am about to complete my project and now I want to place different files in different folders based on their privileges like a folder named Admin where all corresponding .jsp and/or servelt having Admin privilege are placed together and also how can i create a filter to check whether a user is authorized to access any jsp and/or servlet in that folder or not. I am denied to upload my projects image due to lack of reputations..

this is how usually projects are:

Web Pages

certain Admin .jsp's


certain Admin servlets

I want to place all the Admin jsp/servlet in a folder and create a filter to check whether a user is authorized or not

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Upto my knowledge

That is not possible directly for Servlets different package can be created and similarly a folder can be created for jsp and to control these a filter can be created but you need to filter-map those independently.. So a better way is to check on the top of servlet or jsp whether a user is authenticated to view it or not...

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