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I have a method auth and I'd like to stub STDIN.

def auth
  @pass = STDIN.noecho(&:gets).chomp

I've tried STDIN.stub(:noecho).and_yield('some_pass'), and received NoMethodError: private method 'gets' called for "some_pass":String. I'm sure there's something missing here but I just couldn't figure out what it is.

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You can use send to get around the private restriction. But You might reconsider testing STDIN. It is built in and likely well tested. – vgoff May 5 '13 at 19:36
I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. What I was trying to do was to stub STDIN. – zuhao May 5 '13 at 19:43
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The noecho method turns off echo and then yields the stream itself, but you're stubbing it to yield a string instead of the io instance. As a result gets is called on 'some_pass' which obviously doesn't work

You could do




Both should result in STDIN.noecho(&:gets) returning the desired string.

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Do you want to really yield 'some_pass' to the block? Or do you just want to stub the return value?

I believe you just want to get the return value. Try to use and_return or the short hand method for stubbing by passing a hash:

def auth

describe "Stubbing STDIN" do

  it do
    STDIN.stub(noecho: "some_pass")

    expect(auth).to eq "some_pass"

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