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I have a Map of element where each element has a List as its value


Map(a -> List(a, a), b -> List(b, b), l -> List(l, l, l), h -> List(h))

I want to convert this so that each value is the size of List e.g.

Map(a -> 2, b -> 2, l -> 3, h -> 1)

I try: => x.size())

which gives...

error: value size is not a member of (Char, List[Char])

Any tips how I do this?


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Quick solution: myMap.mapValues(x => x.size). Standard map maps over key-value pairs.

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I had to do myMap.mapValues(x => x.size) size() gives Int does not take parameters Not sure why. – More Than Five May 5 '13 at 20:36
@MoreThanFive Right, I corrected my answer. size is a method with no parameter lists so you can't call it giving any parameter lists (even an empty one). That's because scala differentiates between methods declared like def size: Int and def size(): Int. – ghik May 5 '13 at 20:40

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