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What is the name of the method corresponding to the ternary operator? By name I mean :+ for addition, :== for equality, etc.

I want to override the ternary operator to build a proxy class (same idea as Javascript proxies) but I can't seem to find the name for this.

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There are two names that this is known by, if you are talking about the ? : operator, and that is ternary operator or conditional operator.

But it is not a method, as you can see in this table.

You would need to go to Ruby Source itself to override the behavior. Probably not what you would want to do.

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Not the answer I want to hear but, oh well. :( Thanks. –  alexloh May 5 '13 at 21:45

I'm pretty sure it's just known as the ternary operator. Usually people know what you mean when you say that, and I've never heard or seen another name, even during research.

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If you mean symbol, I'd call it:


(Question mark, Colon)

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