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i used the below awk command

awk -F ':' '
  { s3 += $3; }
  { s4=s4+$4; }
  { s5=s5+$5; }
  END { print s3,","s4,","s5,","s3/s5 }' sample.txt > sample1.txt

And my input file (sample.txt) is:


but the command is automatically rounding off, the output is:

2078610.00,83169 ,8529 ,243.711 

I want the output as 2078609.56 (exact value without round off), how to achieve this in awk?

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try this line:

 awk -F ':' '{ s3 += $3;s4+=$4;s5+=$5} END{ printf "%.2f,%d,%d,%f", s3,s4,s5,s3/s5 }' input

awk could specify the output format by using function printf. I notice that your $3 and the $3/$5 may need special precision, I just add %.2f and %f, you could adjust it for your needs.

the output of the above line:


i don't know how did you get the "exact value" 2078609.56 typo in your input file?

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Thank Kent, i added the precision :) ya the exact value is a typo.. – Ganz Ricanz May 5 '13 at 21:14

The problem is that the default output format (OFMT) rounds to the first six most significant digits (%.6g). You can modify this value to %.10f to print 10 digits after decimal point. You can change the first line of Your command to:

awk -F ':' -vOFMT=%.10f '

Also to treat s3/s5 as a float You should modify the END closure as

END { print s3,",",s4,",",s5,",",s3/s5 }'

There is two problems using this:

  1. OFMT works only for float numbers. Numbers like 123 or 123.00 is considered as integers internally by awk, so they will be printed without using this variable. IMHO the output in the question should be something like this:

    2.07861e+06 , 83169 , 8529 , 243.711

  2. Actually not the 2078609.56 value is the exact value. As the numbers are represented in binary form, they will be added as such. So if You set the output format to %.10f you will get something like this:

    2078608.6399999999 , 83169 , 8529 , 243.7107093446

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