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Not sure if the head line describes its well, what I want is that:

I have let's say 9 TextViews in my layout, named tv1, tv2, ..., tv9.

Of course I can access each of them with

 TextView tv11 = (TextView) findViewById(

Lot's of typing, so I rather would have a loop and loop through these items, but how can include the findViewbyId into a loop that I can change the value accordingly?

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Is there any reason why you can't iterate over the children of the containing ViewGroup? So you get the number of children with getChildCount and then you can access each individual child with getChildAt.

You may have to test whether a particularly child is an instance of TextView if you have other views in the layout, but the basic concept is fairly straightforward.

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You could make an array of the IDs you want to loop through.


public static final int TEXTVIEW_IDS = {,,, etc.. };

In your view code:

for (int id : TEXTVIEW_IDS) {
  ((Textview) findViewById(id)).CallYourMethod();

If you cannot do what @James Holderness suggested, this may be a suitable alternative.

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