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I'm in the process of learning PHP and MySQL. I came across an example of a SQL injection from the PHP man page, where the final injected SQL query was:

SELECT * FROM users WHERE user='aidan' AND password='' OR ''=''

I'm confused about what the OR ''='' means in this context? I know what that statement does, but I'm just trying to understand how it can be used in another scenario, and what the ''='' signifies.


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OR ''=''is a condition that will always be true (an empty string will always match an empty string; and ORing that with the user/password check will always return as TRUE even if the user and password don't match –  Mark Baker May 5 '13 at 21:51
If the password or '' is equal to '' the result will be the user aidan, so this is always true –  Sam May 5 '13 at 21:51
So you should hashing the password string before checking it using SQL query and of course, the password should be stored as hashed string. –  sємsєм May 5 '13 at 22:06

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If you were accepting a query in the format of SELECT * FROM users WHERE user='aidan' AND password='$password' a user could fill in ' OR ''=' for the password which will close out the password field and then allow the SQL query to check if ''='' which will return true and cause them to gain access without entering a valid password.

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  1. ''='' evaluates always to true.
  2. The whole condition password='' OR ''='' evaluates therefore also to true.

→ The password will not be checked and you are able to gain user access without a correct password.

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It's just an expression that means true, it's not likely to be used on other scenarios

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