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I have a big array with a sequence of values. To check if the values in place x have an influence on the values on place x+distance I want to find all the pairs

pair = [values[x], values[x+1]]

The following code works

pairs_with_distance = []
values.each_cons(1+distance) do |sequence| 
  pairs_with_distance << [sequence[0], sequence[-1]]

but it looks complicated and I wonder if if I make it shorter and clearer

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You can make the code shorter by using map directly:

pairs_with_distance = values.each_cons(1 + distance).map { |seq| 
  [seq.first, seq.last]

I prefer something like the example below, because it has short, readable lines of code, and because it separates the steps -- an approach that allows you to give a meaningful names to intermediate calculations (groups in this case). You can probably come up with better names based on the real domain of the application.

values   = [11,22,33,44,55,66,77]
distance = 2

groups = values.each_cons(1 + distance)
pairs  = groups.map { |seq| [seq.first, seq.last] }

p pairs
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