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I'm trying write linq query:


select s.s_name, sum(sub.evaluation) as suma from submit_task sub
join student s on s.id=sub.student_id
join study_group g on g.id=s.study_group_id
where g.g_name="abcd"
group by s.s_name
order by suma desc
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var groupName = "abcd";
var query =
    from submitTask in db.submit_task
    join student in db.student
        on submitTask.student_id equals student.id
    join studyGroup in db.study_group
        on student.study_group_id equals studyGroup.id
    where studyGroup.g_name == groupName
    group submitTask by student.s_name into g
    let suma = g.Sum(st => st.evaluation)
    orderby suma descending
    select new
        s_name = g.Key,
        suma = suma,
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thank you, so much, it's working –  Patrik18 May 5 '13 at 23:54

Look at this article. http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/35667/How-to-Use-LINQ-GroupBy1

The author describes something close to what you are asking

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