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One of my sites - mediadeals.co.uk is showing a blank page.

So I went back to my developer. He asked me to add this on my hosts file in windows->system32->drivers->etc->hosts mediadeals.co.uk

After doing this the site started working. What does this mean?

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I had asked him to repair my site on my hosting. I don't know whose IP address that is, so do you think he has re-produced a copy of teh site on his server and the ipaddress is for his server? or is it my ip address and there's just some problem with dns settings? –  Arjun Oct 28 '09 at 18:26

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Thats crazy. All he did was make it work on YOUR machine. The hosts file simply maps names to IP addresses. Its like a local DNS. What needs to happen for the outside world to see this the DNS servers that are authoritative for mediadeals.co.uk need to have an A record pointing to

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if I change the A records to then it will work, I understand. But who owns this ip address? If I change the A records, can my developer block my site in the future? –  Arjun Oct 28 '09 at 18:20

How long ago did you register that site name? Don't forget that DNS entries may take a while to propagate across the web. 24 hrs+ sometimes.

And btw, that "fix" will ONLY work on your machine. It maps the friendly URL to an IP address for you, not for the world.

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The site has been registered for years and it was working fine, just stopped working by itself recently. I understand that it has enabled the site only for me. Has he re-created a copy of the site on another hosting? or is the ipaddress mine? –  Arjun Oct 28 '09 at 18:23
I thought the same thing but Nic.uk shows registration as 03-Apr-2007 so it will have propagated. –  Reallyethical Oct 28 '09 at 20:22
Is it possible that the lease on that IP address lapsed and was purchased by someone else? This is really sounding more and more bizarre. –  Paul Sasik Oct 28 '09 at 20:47

The reason its not working is there is no DNS record for it.

The hosts file is allowing you to point via a local DNS replacement.

All you need is to get the site hosted somewhere and a DNS entry setup.

If you like the site and he is willing to host for $150 then go for it, depending on your contract, if he should have done in the initial budget then you should question this.


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