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I am using git repository for the first time. Following are the things I did

  1. I created a folder in my home directory in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS where I will keep all my project files and folders
  2. I created an account in github with id and password
  3. I created a new repository in the github.
  4. Then I used "git push " to sync my folder to git account. It asked for username and password. I provided that. Then it shows me that everything is upto date.

The problem is that, I cant see my folder and files in github repository

Can anybody help please?

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Did you commit your code to your local repo? (Make sure you make a backup of all your code files if you're not familiar at all with git, to avoid unpleasantnesses if you somehow shoot yourself in the foot.) –  Mat May 6 '13 at 5:40
did you git init after creating the folder? –  balki May 6 '13 at 11:04

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You can see a similar example at "git push says everything up to date when it definitely is not":

Don't forget to git add and git commit before your first git push.

For that first git push, I would recommend a:

git push -u origin master

That supposes you have set a remote named 'origin' referring to your github repo:

git remote add origin https://UserName@github.com/UserName/repoName
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