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cant understand how cors work with rails

in my routes.rb

resources :topics
  resources :test

  match '/topics' => 'topics#index', :constraints => {:method => 'OPTIONS'}
  match '/topics/:id' => 'topics#show', :constraints => {:method => 'OPTIONS'}

in application controller

after_filter :set_access_control_headers
before_filter :cor
def set_access_control_headers
  headers['Access-Control-Allow-Origin'] = '*'
  headers['Access-Control-Request-Method'] = 'POST, GET'
def cor
  headers["Access-Control-Allow-Origin"] = "*"
  headers["Access-Control-Allow-Methods"] = %w{GET POST PUT DELETE OPTIONS}.join(",")
  headers["Access-Control-Allow-Headers"] = %w{Origin Accept Content-Type X-Requested-With X-CSRF-Token}.join(",")
  head(:ok) if request.method == 'OPTIONS'

in angular services.js

'use strict';
var services = angular.module('', ['ngResource']);

services.factory('Topic', ['$resource', function($resource)
    return $resource('http://localhost:port/topics.json', {},{
    query: {method:'GET', params:{ port:':3000'}, isArray:true} });

services.factory('SingleTopic', ['$resource', function($resource)
    return $resource('http://localhost:port/topics/:id.json', {id: '@id' },{
    get: {method:'GET', params:{ port:':3000', id:'id'}, isArray:false }});

services.factory('multitopicloader',['Topic', '$q', function(Topic, $q){
    return function() {

        var delay = $q.defer();
        }, function() {
            delay.reject('Unable to get topics');

    return delay.promise;   

services.factory('topicloader', ['SingleTopic','$route','$q', function(SingleTopic, $route ,$q){
    return function() {
    var delay = $q.defer();
    SingleTopic.get({id: $route.current.params.topicID}, function(topic){

    }, function(){
        delay.reject('unable to fetch', + $route.current.params.topicID)

    return delay.promise;

every thing works fine. i implemented cors as per instructions here Rails, Backbone, PhoneGap, CORS (not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin error) and

I have some questions here

when i commented out or removed either resources :topics or match "/topics" it does not work. It works only when both match and resources statement are present in routes.rb. i dont know why rails requires both match and resource statement to work cors .(i also tried adding :constraints => {:method => 'options'} to resources :topic and removing match => "/topics" but it does not work) In rails 4 match function in depreciated. so how can i do it in rails 4 without 'match'

i can't understand clearly what cor and set_access_control_headers actually do. whether server responds with headers in cor function for initial request from browser as response and headers in set_access_control_headers in the final response to browser.

can someone clearly explain about 'OPTIONS' with regards to 'cors' and how it works with rails. whats the use of this statement head(:ok) if request.method == 'OPTIONS'

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