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I'm getting error on my .cpp file for this dequeue function that should return a pointer to a node The error is : identifier Node is undefined for the return value and declaration is incompatible on dequeue. I am wondering what I did wrong. Thanks before.

class quasiUniqueQ
    struct Node{
    int value;
    int age;

    Node* array;
    int size;
    int top;

void resize();
void copy(); // wrong return value;
void aging();

 void operator=(const quasiUniqueQ& rhs);
 quasiUniqueQ(int num = 50);
 void enqueue(int newNum);
 Node* dequeue();
 bool isEmpty();
 bool isFull();



#include "quasiUniqueQ.h"

using namespace std;

Node* quasiUniqueQ::dequeue() //ERROR HERE

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First, Node is declared inside quasiUnuqieQ, so you would need

quasiUniqueQ::Node* quasiUniqueQ::dequeue() { ... }

However, you are limited in what you can do with it outside quasiUniqueQ, because Node has been declared as private, so you cannot declare a quasiuniqueQ::Node or quasiUniqueQ::Node* to assign to the return of a call to quasiUniqueQ::dequeue(), and since you cannot name quasuUniqueQ::Node outside the class, you would be forced to define the member function inside the class:

struct quasiUniqueQ
  Node* dequeue() { return .... ; }

Then, you could in principle call the method, with some limitations:

quasiUnuqueQ q;
q.dequeue(); // Compiles, but is useless
quasiUniqueQ::Node* n = q.dequeue(); // Error, quasiUnuqueQ::Node is private.
auto n = q.dequeue(); // OK
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That was thorough and informational. Very helpful. Thank you very much. – Jack Smother May 6 '13 at 6:32

You cannot have a member that returns a type with a narrower access modifier. In this case, the Node struct is private to your class, but you attempt to return a pointer to a Node object from a public member. Because it is private, the Node type cannot be used outside of your class, so it is not possible to return anything typed as Node from a public member.

You also need to fully specify the name of the struct, since the type is contained within your class, but you are defining the method outside of your class:

quasiUniqueQ::Node* quasiUniqueQ::dequeue()

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since it is within the same class, I thought they would be accessible. I do not have any error now but I actually thought public functions can access and return private members as long as they are from the same class. Thank you. – Jack Smother May 6 '13 at 6:26
@LeonardLie They can return private members but not private types. How would code external to this class use data of a type that is private to another class? – cdhowie May 6 '13 at 6:27
That was really helpful. Thank you for your help. – Jack Smother May 6 '13 at 6:31

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