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I am in love with Netbeans Source->Format feature. Is there any way to get it to recognize stuff in these blocks

<% content_for :style do %>

<% end %>

as CSS? It would also help for autocomplete.

Ditto, of course, for

<% content_for :javascript do %>
<% end %>


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I'm not certain, but I think the source formatting is on a file basis only, not on parts of a file.

Edit: Actually, I'm wrong, the formatting can recognize various languages in the same file...obviously what's happening in an ERB file for ruby and html code. But I don't see a way of extending that.

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Really? I kind of though this was either easy or that my question would get closed as "not programming related" :) I'll have to dig into it soon, I really hope there's a positive answer. It does recognize CSS and javascript in an HTML file, which you mention (well, with ERB there are four languages happening). Thanks for your answer. – Dan Rosenstark Oct 28 '09 at 19:21
Best answer just because I cannot delete the question :) – Dan Rosenstark May 11 '10 at 21:22

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