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I suppose the title says it all. I have a dataset without any data for day 0, but for illustration purposes I would like to include day 0 on a discrete x-axis, is this possible?
Example code below, the facetting is necessary for my original data.

                Measure=c("Rel", "Abs"),
                Day=factor(c(-14:-1,1:14), levels=c(-14:-1, 1:14)))
tmp$Group=with(tmp, paste(Mig, Measure))
ggplot(tmp, aes(x=Day, y=Mean, group=Group))+
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If you convert Day to integer or numeric it seems to work.

tmp$Day <- as.integer(as.character(tmp$Day))

ggplot(tmp, aes(x=Day, y=Mean, group=Group))+

Fixing labels

EDIT: Fixed breaks.

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Thank you! To remove the empty area to the left I changed the last line to: scale_x_discrete(limits=seq(-14,14,2)) – Endre Grüner Ofstad May 6 '13 at 14:56
Sorry I should have fixed that in my answer first time around. See the edit. scale_x_discrete() should be scale_x_continuous(). – MadScone May 6 '13 at 15:03

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