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I'm going to be deploying my Ruby on Rails based application to a server soon, and I'm just wondering if some of you have any suggestions or advice. My main concerns are reliability, price, ease of use. I anticipate my App being used by the whole world (think optimistic!).

I'm looking at Amazon, because they're 'Amazon' and trustworthy. And I like the way they offer free service for a year, for up to 10 users, because it will be some weeks before I actively start looking for customers and I'd like to get familiar with the hosting environment before shelling out money.

Why are the prices for these things so hard to figure out? All this talk of 'on demand instances'...And with Heroku - its dynos, gears, engines...For example, how much would Amazon or Heroku cost if I had 20,000 visitors to my site each month - regularly spread out over the month, not coming in spikes or peaks or certain key times? There's no video or anything intensive on my site - each user has a page, on which they can add comments, that's it, and search other peoples pages.

A lot of good talk points to Heroku but my concerns about Heroku are:

  1. My App uses MySql as a database, not Posgres. Would this be a problem?

  2. There's an 'Invite by email' system in my app, which someone said might not work in Heroku's environment. Does Resque work on Heroku? It would be a pain having to do a load of source code changes if the price of hosting (when I get users) on Heroku ends up being around the same on Amazon.

Any other good, reliable, price efficient, easy to use providers out there you'd recommend? Is it easy to switch from one provider to another, if the case need be?

Thanks for any help.


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Working out how much load your app will generate is just hard. For example if your 20000 monthly users all turn up at the same time (eg your app is connected to a sporting event) that's very different to 700 users a day, which is different to all 20000 turning up multiple times a day. Some apps are mostly read only and so can be cost efficient by caching heavily, others less so. There isn't a simple answer. –  Frederick Cheung May 6 '13 at 8:26
ok, edited my question. –  Christophe Harris May 6 '13 at 8:36

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My App uses MySql as a database, not Posgres. Would this be a problem?

You can install MySQL elsewhere and point your Heroku app to that instance. However, I do not recommend so. PG is superior in several places, you may want to use PG in any case. Hosting a PG app with Heroku is straightforward.

There's an 'Invite by email' system in my app, which someone said might not work in Heroku's environment.

It works. You just need to configure the mailer and use an SMTP service. There are several add-on if you don't have one.

Does Resque work on Heroku?

Yes, it does, but you'll have to run a separate dyno for them.

My suggestion is to face problems when they arise. If Heroku fits your current needs, then start with Heroku and deploy the app.

Run with Heroku for a while. As soon as you feel Heroku is not solving your problems, you can either scale on Heroku or look for alternatives. But at that point, you'll already have your application up and running for a while and you'll probably have a better idea on what you need and what you don't.

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