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$(document).ready(function() {
    type: "get",
    url: "textman.php",
    success: function(data) {
      var file = data.split(" ");
      var set = 0;
      $('#textbaz').append("<br><input id='textbox' type='text' placeholder='Type it man, your on the clock!'>");
  $("#textbox").keypress(function() {
  return false;

Problem is, it just doesnt console log the value of #textbox. No matter what i type in there, it has no effect D:

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it just doesnt console log the value of #textbox This is not a real error and it's not strange. –  Vohuman May 6 '13 at 8:25
@undefined — No, but it is a problem. (And this problem doesn't cause any error messages to be reported). –  Quentin May 6 '13 at 8:25
A bigger problem is the nearly infinite permutations of this question on SO. Surely this is a duplicate? –  Dagg Nabbit May 6 '13 at 8:33

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AJAX is asynchronous. You're binding a keypress listener to #textbox before it exists in the DOM. In the line $("#textbox").keypress(..., the result of $('#textbox') will be an empty object, and so no element will have a binder registered.

You need to use delegated events (using .on):

$('#textbaz').on('keypress', '#textbox', function() { ... });

... which only requires that #textbaz is available at the time of the call, or register the event in the AJAX callback:

success: function(data) {
  $('#textbaz').append("<br><input id='textbox' type='text' placeholder='Type it man, your on the clock!'>");
  $('#textbox').keypress(function() { ... });

... which ensures that the call to .keypress will be made after #textbaz has been appended with the textbox, and hence after #textbox has been created.

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Try this - (event delegation for dynamically created element's with .on())

$('#textbaz').on('keypress',"#textbox",function() {


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Your code sends an HTTP request and then binds an event handler to all instances of #textbox. Sometime later the HTTP response will arrive and the success handler will create #textbox.

Move the logic for binding the event handler into the success handler.

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You need to use event delegation for dynamically added element:

$('#textbaz').on("keypress", '#textbox', function () {
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$.ajax is an async call, so $("#textbox").keypress() will be most likely executed before you attached the html in your success function. Move $("#textbox").keypress directly after your append() call within the success function and it should work.

Alternately you can use

.on('keypress', 'selector', function($element) {/*code*/}); 

for dynamically added elements.

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