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I used rake routes to print out all of the routes in my application.

What I found is that a couple of routes map to the same controller/action combination.

So in my action I would like to display which route was actually used to track down where everthing is coming from.

I tried just rendering params.inspect as text:

render :text => params.inspect

But I don't get the route information in the hash.

Is there some other command to reveal the currently used route from within the action?

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This will tell you the route that caused your current action to be invoked.

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I think you can use

request.url or params[:action] or params[:controller] depending on what you need.

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Unless you're using subclassed controllers, Params :action/:controller are obvious given where the code is called from. They're more useful in views that can be called from multiple controllers. request.url is the correct answer. – EmFi Oct 28 '09 at 19:48

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