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I want implement user profile update same as implemented in Facebook setting. the same show/hide forms.

I have a section of profile image upload also so i do't want to apply ajax forms. I tried it in three different ways.

  1. One single action and multiple form submit to that.
    Problem:- Model validation -> have to set blank model variable to all other model except the submitted one
    and how to show/hide forms

  2. Multiple form and submit each one by ajax.
    Problem:- Image upload

  3. Tabs
    Problem :- don't know how validation will work.

Can anyone have a better solution?

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I thing that what do you want to is to use scenarios, have a look in these links: link link – Eduardo Moratto May 28 '13 at 0:34

In my opinion, better architectural solution is a 2, A workaround for image upload: Upload images asynchronously, after upload, extract from response imageId value and add to hidden field in the main form.

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