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I am using igraph to plot a small network (21 nodes) on R. I would like the nodes to be coloured according to the vector postMean, which has the values:

[1] -0.035275268  0.016065216 -0.009860104 -0.110333756  0.027173563

[6]  0.003732149 -0.015728577 -0.015447753 -0.015458429 -0.031747722

[11]  0.050184673  0.052410534  0.025986002  0.059460753  0.044158671

[16] -0.302219356  0.065311113  0.012006393  0.019186883 -0.006812400

[21]  0.196030557

How can I adjust the scale of the colours so that it will indicate values of the postMean vector, when the numbers are small? I would like a really fine gray-scale, but all I seem to be able to get at the moment are some nodes white and some nodes black.

Many thanks in advance.

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Can you post some self-contained code? In general, tot ge a grey scale you can use grey(). – Gabor Csardi May 6 '13 at 14:09
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You can use the rescale() function from the plotrix package to rescale your vector from 0 to 1, then use the gray() function to convert these to gray scale colors.

vcol <- gray(rescale(postMean, c(0, 1)))
tkplot(graph, vertex.color=vcol)

If you don't want the range of colors to extend all the way to black and white, you can reduce the range of values that you rescale to, for example:

vcol <- gray(rescale(postMean, c(0.1, 0.9)))
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