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Have you ever make a checkbox column in Handsontable?

I try to use every way to do it, but it's not working.

When user click checkbox on header, all row in column was be checked.

Thanks for any help.

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you solved the problem? I Have the same. –  Fincha May 22 '14 at 18:34

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You can create a checkbox column by simply setting the column type option to 'checkbox'.

var $container = $("#example1");
  data: data,
  startRows: 5,
  colHeaders: true,
  minSpareRows: 1,
  columns: [
    {data: "id", type: 'text'},
    //'text' is default, you don't actually have to declare it
    {data: "isActive", type: 'checkbox'},
    {data: "date", type: 'date'},
    {data: "color",
      type: 'autocomplete',
      source: ["yellow", "red", "orange", "green", "blue", "gray", "black", "white"]

For more detail see this example

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