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I need to access an outer, local variable from a jQuery JSON call without sending that variable to the server (therefore not using the data parameter):

for (var prop in channels) {
    $.getJSON(url).done(function(json) {
        channels[prop].value = ...;

Unfortunately the prop vairable changes as the outer loop continues.

Is it possible to bind variables to the getJSON call?

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Ok, found the answer based on jQuery's proxy function:

for (var prop in channels) { 
        $.proxy(function(json) { 
            channels[this._prop].value = ...; 
        }, {_prop: prop}

Essentially, $.proxy() creates a wrapper function that takes the additional context parameter and ensure that it is passed as this to the wrapped function.

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Alternatively, it should also be possible to wrap the $.getJSON call in it's own function which would also maintain the function's parameters. –  andig Jun 30 '13 at 10:32
Finally found a answer, thanks! IE8 was giving me "object doesnt support property or method", took me a full day until this solution! Thanks! –  ronnyrr Jan 9 '14 at 15:19

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