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Am new to jQuery and I know about class, id and name selectors in jQuery.

In my HTML I have 6 textarea elements whose Ids are unique and there is a particular pattern with which the ID starts(ex: id= "TA1", id= "TA2".. and so on.. ).

My question is, in jQuery is there a way select all these textarea elements whose ID start with a particular pattern and end with a particular pattern ?

Edit: Want the combination of both start and end patterns

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Thanks you guys! I have one more issue.. how do I combine this with to select only tags that start with 'TA' and ends with 'some other patern'? – codeMan May 6 '13 at 10:27
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You ca use the selector like


Selects elements that have the specified attribute with a value beginning exactly with a given string.

Edit: for combining you can use like this, let see the ending patters is *22,*32,**42 so "2" is ur ending pattern.

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try doing like:

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Use attribute starts-with selector:

$("[id^='TA']"). ...
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Try this:

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If you pattern for IDs is simple (begins with a ends with b), than you can use


for more complex patterns you can use James Padolsey's filter that allows to use regular expressions like

$("textarea:regex(id, a.*some-text-in-the-middle.*b)");

Documentation on standard jQuery selectors you can find here

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