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I have created a column family by following command using cqlsh:

create table mystats (key PRIMARY KEY, count counter);

Now from the cqlsh I am able to increase the counter column but when I attempt to do this from cassandra gem, as adviced at: Are there any Ruby clients for Cassandra with counters and supercolumn?

So when I use:

@stats.add(:mystats, 'randomkey', 1, 'count')

I get an error:

Cassandra::AccessError at /client Invalid column family "mystats"

When I further looked into it, I found that the error is raised from the gem: in file: https://github.com/twitter/cassandra/blob/master/lib/cassandra/columns.rb

def column_family_property(column_family, key)
      cfdef = schema.cf_defs.find {|cfdef| cfdef.name == column_family }
      unless cfdef
        raise AccessError, "Invalid column family \"#{column_family}\""

Can anyone please point out what I might be doing wrong here..

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That client has not yet been updated to support CQL3. I'm not aware of a CQL3-aware Ruby client, so your best bet is probably to create a Thrift-compatible table (TLDR add WITH COMPACT STORAGE to your table definition).

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adding with compact storage while creating the table fixed the issue. i found the solution last night in cassandra irc.. thanks answering the question though.. –  whizcreed May 7 '13 at 9:48
just launched github.com/hsgubert/cassandra_migrations to integrate rails with CQL3 and migrations to manage cassandra schema –  hsgubert Jun 5 '13 at 1:50

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