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I need to delete first three rows of a dataframe in pandas. Got to know df.ix[:-1] would remove the last row of a data frame. Couldn't figure out how to remove first n rows.

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You can use ix like you were, but applying a different slice...

df2 = df1.ix[3:]

will give you a new df without the first three rows.

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I think a more explicit way of doing this is to use drop.

The syntax is:


One way of implementing this could be:

df = df.drop(df.index[:3])

And another

df = df.drop(df.head(3).index)
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drop can even be calculated in-place (without extra assignment). Faster and simpler! –  tim Jun 13 '14 at 18:24

You can use python slicing, but note it's not in-place.

In [15]: import pandas as pd
In [16]: import numpy as np
In [17]: df = pd.DataFrame(np.random.random((5,2)))
In [18]: df
          0         1
0  0.294077  0.229471
1  0.949007  0.790340
2  0.039961  0.720277
3  0.401468  0.803777
4  0.539951  0.763267

In [19]: df[3:]
          0         1
3  0.401468  0.803777
4  0.539951  0.763267
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