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We have a Java web project. We run it on a tomcat7 server. However, we want to deploy our application to openshift.

When we opened the eclipse plugin we did not find any tomcat 7 server. Therefore we tried to install everything by the console. However, that is an endless amount of work!

Is there an easy way to deploy out project to openshift?

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thanks for pointing this out. You're right, the Eclipse tooling is not as verbose as it could be. We'll have to improve it. The web ui does a far better job and unveils that tomcat 7 is equivalent to jbossews-2.0.

web ui

So if you want to use tomcat7 while using the Eclipse plugin you'll have to select jbossews-2.0:

jboss tools

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We added nicer labels in the upcoming version of JBoss Tools 4.1.o Beta1:

enter image description here

You can get more details about it in the issue in our JIRA:

4.1.0. Beta1 should get out in the end of may.

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