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Why does the following code has a syntax error? I did not find out why.

let rec revStr stringa k e = 
if    k = e then ""
else (string_of_char stringa.[e])^
      (revStr stringa (e-1) k);;

string a, k, e are the input and it should give in output the sub.string from integer e to integer k.

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There is no syntax error in this code. When I try it I get "Unbound value: string_of_char" which is a type error. Type errors appear after syntax errors, because typing occurs after parsing.

My guess is that you have a syntax error before this function, such as a forgotten semi-colon or a forgotten "in". Those kinds of errors are often detected much later.

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Thanks but now i have out a serious error: "Stack overflow during evaluation (looping recursion?)." – user2354202 May 6 '13 at 12:27
Are you sure you meant revStr stringa (e-1) k and not revStr stringa k (e-1)? – cygin May 6 '13 at 14:14

In addition to what cygin points out (parameters seem reversed), revStr calls itself with a smaller value for e. But your description sounds like e is supposed to be less than or equal k. So then wouldn't you want to pass a larger value for e? Otherwise I don't see why you would ever reach k.

As a side comment, I wonder why a substring function is named revStr.

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