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I create simple grid application using basic grid example in visual studio and this tutorial. I expected this animation will work on all item's, but it seems that it works only on first one. My question is, how can I animate this on all item's? And if it is possible to animate randomly(not all at once! Example: windows 8 start menu).

Item template:

<div class="itemtemplate" data-win-control="WinJS.Binding.Template">
    <div class="item">
        <img class="item-image" src="#" data-win-bind="src: backgroundImage; alt: title" />
        <img class="item-image-new" src="#" data-win-bind="src: backgroundImage; alt: title" />
        <div class="item-overlay">
            <h4 class="item-title" data-win-bind="textContent: title"></h4>
            <h6 class="item-subtitle win-type-ellipsis" data-win-bind="textContent: subtitle"></h6>

Js animation:


// Play the Peek animation
function peekTile(tile1, tile2) {
    // Create peek animation
    var peekAnimation = WinJS.UI.Animation.createPeekAnimation([tile1, tile2]);

    // Reposition tiles to their desired post-animation position
    tile1.style.top = "-250px";
    tile2.style.top = "0px";

    // Execute animation

function changeImage() {
    // Get the two image elements
    var images = document.querySelector(".item-image");
    var imagesNew = document.querySelector(".item-image-new");

    // Swap out the old image source and choose the new image source
    images.src = imagesNew.src;
    if (images.src == lightGray)
        imagesNew.src = mediumGray;
    else if (images.src == mediumGray)
        imagesNew.src = darkGray;
        imagesNew.src = lightGray;

    // Reset the elements for the pre-animation position and trigger the animation
    images.style.top = "0px";
    imagesNew.style.top = "250px";
    peekTile(images, imagesNew);

And interval, that changes images(it is written inside ready function):

setInterval(function () { changeImage() }, 4000);
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When you call document.querySelector it will only return the first matching element, which in your case will be the first list item. If you want to animate any random item, just call document.querySelectorAll(".item"), pick a random item from the result list and then call querySelector('.item-image') on it, proceeding as you currently do.

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That work's, thanks. –  Clem May 7 '13 at 12:21
I see you are in Windows-team, so I hope, that you could answer me on that question to: social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/winappswithhtml5/thread/… Thanks –  Clem May 7 '13 at 12:22

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