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I am using Blazeds- amd Weblogic I have the session timeout for 5 minutes.

Below is channel definition i am using

channel-definition id="my-polling-amf"


polling-enabled true polling-enabled

polling-interval-seconds 1 polling-interval-seconds

I have declared destination as

destination id="destICL"
adapter ref="actionscript" /

message-time-to-live 120000 message-time-to-live

Generally 10-15 users uses the system simultaneously. The server side code sends approx 3000 messages in one second on the destination. Everthing works fine but some time the client misses few messages. It happens sometimes. It is difficult to reproduce also. But any client cannot afford to loose message. I can send you the conference files for your reference.Any blaze expert can provide any pointer???

Thanks ilikeflex

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Can you increase logging verbosity in BlazeDS and see if there is any information about the missing messages there? – James Ward Oct 29 '09 at 3:33

Why don't you use Streaming channel for messaging as that is more reliable. Moreover you don't have many parallel clients (10-15) so even thread blockage on BlazeDS server won't be a problem.

FYI: I am using Flex, BlazeDS Spring, Java combination.

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