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I have to following code

<div class="divNewProductsMain" style="margin: 0 34px 0 0">
                        <div class="newProdTextDiv2">
                            <input type="text" id="txtNewCompCode_1" runat="server" class="newProdText2" />
                        <div class="divProdcutTotal">
                            <label id="lblNewTotalRow_1" runat="server">
                        <div class="newProdTextDiv2">
                            <input type="text" id="txtNewPrice_1" runat="server" onkeyup="setAmountNewProd(this.id)"
                                class="newProdText2" />
                        <div class="newProdTextDiv2">
                            <input type="text" id="txtNewAmount_1" runat="server" onkeyup="setAmountNewProd(this.id)"
                                class="newProdText2" maxlength="3" />
                        <div class="newProdTextDiv">
                            <input type="text" id="txtNewProdName_1" runat="server" class="newProdText" />

the controls id's run from 1 to 10, so for example I have txtNewCompCode_1, txtNewCompCode_2, txtNewCompCode_3 , and so on until txtNewCompCode_10.

My question is, how I can if it possible to run with loop in code behined on the controls and add only the number of the row it is on, something like txtNewCompCode_ + rowNumber. I do not like to make each control line of code to take it is value. I have multiple controls and write line of code to take each value is lot of code.

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But are you sure that your control id's will remain constant in the format from 1 to 10 in the end. Aren't you generating the controls dynamically ? –  Karan May 6 '13 at 13:56
@Karan, I do not need to make generate the controls dynamically, the id's will constant from 1 to 10. It will be too complicated for the end user to enter the number of control and then enter to data, I checking the control and taking only the ones of has data. –  hanan-mstudio May 7 '13 at 6:31

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Look at:

HtmlAgility Pack

This will give you granular control over the html by passing it. Once it's passed you can access these objects programatically and extract whatever info you want.

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@c0D3I0g1c, it look nice. You have any example how to work with it? –  hanan-mstudio May 7 '13 at 6:42
There are plently of examples on the website. Just follow the link i posted. –  c0D3l0g1c May 7 '13 at 8:44
@c0D3I0g1c, I posted question there, hope they will help me. Did not find any examples. For the meanwhile I wrote code for each control, just copy-paste and change the number. –  hanan-mstudio May 8 '13 at 6:51

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