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Hi I would like from my App to be capable of importing a text message from a contact on the phone and make it into a string. I was wondering if that could be possible in any way? I have tried looking for an answer to it, but dont seem to find any. Hope someone can help me with it :)

Thanks in advance :D

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What do you mean by "a message"? A text message? an MMS? an app-specific event message? –  Timothy Groote May 6 '13 at 12:10
a text message from a contact on the phone –  Jacob Holm Mortensen May 6 '13 at 12:12
I can see why you'd ask the question, since it relies using undocument content providers (content://sms/) but there are a lot of examples out there on how to do it –  Timothy Groote May 6 '13 at 12:19

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//this class will hold our sms information
public class Sms
   public String Id;
   public String Address;
   public String Readstate;
   public String Message;
   public String Time;

   public Sms(string id, string address, string message, string readstate, string time)
      Id = id;
      Address = address;
      Message = message;
      Readstate = readstate;
      Time = time;

This function can retreive all SMS messages in a folder on the user's phone.

The folders are just the basic ones you would expect when dealing with SMS messages ("Inbox", "Sent", etc)

//gets all sms messages in a specific folder in the user's sms messages
public List<Sms> getAllSms(String folderName) 
    //initiate a new ArrayList to put our messages in
    //ArrayLists are basically arrays on steroids (this is basic Java stuff)
    List<Sms> lstSms = new ArrayList<Sms>();

    //The SMS object is somewhere in the Android SDK.
    //your IDE should be able to resolve where to find it for you.
    Sms objSms = new Sms();

    //find the SMS messages on the phone in the directory we want
    //using android's content resolver
    Uri message = Uri.parse("content://sms/"+folderName);
    ContentResolver cr = mActivity.getContentResolver();

    //initiate a Cursor object that will help us iterate through the result set
    Cursor c = cr.query(message, null, null, null, null);
    int totalSMS = c.getCount();

    //if we can find a message in this result set:
    if (c.moveToFirst()) {
        //iterate through all the messages in our result set
        for (int i = 0; i < totalSMS; i++) {
            //retrieve the contents of this message and put them in "our" Sms object
            objSms = new Sms(
              c.getString(c.getColumnIndexOrThrow("_id")), //retrieve Id, crash if Id cannot be found
              c.getString(c.getColumnIndexOrThrow("address")), //retreive address, crash if it cannot be found
              c.getString(c.getColumnIndexOrThrow("body")), //retreive message content,  crash if it cannot be found
              c.getString(c.getColumnIndex("read")), //retreive whether message is read or not
              c.getString(c.getColumnIndexOrThrow("date")) //retreive message date, crash if it cannot be found
    //optionally, you can uncomment the following code to have error handling
    //for empty sms folders:
    // else {
    // throw new RuntimeException("You have no SMS in " + folderName);
    // }

    //close the cursor and free up resources

    //return the sms files we found in the directory
    return lstSms;

You can then retreive messages like this:

    List<Sms> inboxMessages = getAllSms("inbox"); // Get all sms from inbox
    List<Sms> sentMessages = getAllSms("sent"); // Get all sms from sent
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Take note, that the sms content provider in these examples is not documented. your mileage may vary. –  Timothy Groote May 6 '13 at 12:19
I am not completely sure about how the code above works (am a little new to programming), could you try to explain it a little? :) –  Jacob Holm Mortensen May 6 '13 at 12:25
Furthermore does it look like it finds all SMS, but I am looking for a way to make the user choose which SMS he/she wants to import and use in the APP. –  Jacob Holm Mortensen May 6 '13 at 12:27
This would be a good starting point to let the user choose which sms he/she wants, right? ;) the rest should be peanuts. i'll add some more comments so you can tell what does what –  Timothy Groote May 6 '13 at 13:22
Just a last thing :P The folderName what is that? sorry if stupid question, but cant seem to figure it out :P –  Jacob Holm Mortensen May 6 '13 at 13:40

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