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I have searched many articles on Sencha Touch and Phonegap but i was unable to judge which framework is the better to integrate while developing my Android App. and even i got many stuffs on difference between Sencha Touch and Phonegap but it was not enough to recognize which is better framework to use.
So plz any one tell which is good to use. Sencha Touch OR Phonegap

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You are asking about 2 completely different frameworks.

Phonegap is only a wrapper framework around other HTML5 GUI frameworks. It can only be used to create a hybrid mobile application and to give it ability to access different phone functions.

On the other hand Sencha Touch is a HTML5 framework for rich web applications that can also be used to create a hybrid mobile application. Sencha can also be packaged with Phonegap, so again you can see they are different frameworks made for different purposes.

Only way Phonegap can compete with Sencha is if you use it with some other HTML5 framework like jQuery Mobile. So basically your question is should I use Sencha Touch or Phonegap + some HTML5 framework.

My advice would be, if you have time learn and use Sencha Touch. It alone works better than Phonegap + jQuery Moible. If you want to find out more about Sencha Touch and jQuery Mobile difference take a look here. BUT, you will spend much more time learning how to create a Sencha Touch app while jQuery Mobile can be learned much much faster. Also Phonegap has a HUGE set of plugins so if you planing to create something more complex they I would advise you Phonegap approach.

If you want to give PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile a chance take a look here, currently last jQuery Mobile version is pretty fast, still not as fast as Sencha Touch but it is finally usable with Phonegap.

You can always go even further, why limit your self with Sencha Touch or jQuery Mobile, even PhoneGap has competition.

There are two excellent article discussing differences among 14 (7 + 7) different HTML5 mobile frameworks:

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+1 for link as this question is asked more frequently. –  SachinGutte May 6 '13 at 18:05
Thanks, 1. can you update?, taking in consideration a MVC approach ? I heard Sencha Touch is for MVC, and jQuery Mobile not so much... 2. you mention the time, but maybe using Sencha will become faster as the project grows, while jQuery always take the same time, since the code can't be reused too much... what do you think? –  Francisco Corrales Morales Mar 3 '14 at 22:40

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