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I'm searching a java library that formats/beautifies a given source code snippet. The library should support at least PHP and JavaScript source files.

The reason why i'm searching this is because the code that i generate with my Java application from a REST API description looks not to appealing. I am generating the source files with FreeMarker template engine and i don't want to implement all the formatting logic in the template files. It should be possible that way, but it makes the template files a lot harder to maintain.

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Do you want to do it as part of the build process or is it OK if you run this beautifier at will? –  maba May 6 '13 at 12:42
It should be sufficient to run the beautifier as a build process. –  klingt.net May 14 '13 at 8:45

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EDIT. After reading your comment, I would say: invoke the external beautifier from within you build script.

For Javascript, this SO question may help. Disclosure: I'm the coauthor of JSBeautifier described in the answer (actually, I work on the Python modules). Essentially, use rhino as the interpreter for JSBeautifier.

For PHP, a quick search brought PHP Beautifier to my attention.

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