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New to batch scripting. Trying to write a script which checks for files with filename starting with LEND by polling a directory and if the file is not received by 17:30, then write a log message to log file. I have written the below batch script, the script runs fine as long as there are no files in the directory. As soon as I put files in there, it stops running. And restarts if I delete the files from that directory. Could you please advise where I am going wrong? Thanks

@echo off

set I=0
set log=C:\logs\alerting.log

for /f %%P in ('dir /b "C:\incoming\LEND*"') do (call :countfiles)
set Time=%time:~0,5%
echo Filecount: %I% at Time: %Time% >> %log%
if %Time%==17:30 goto OUT
pause 60
goto :recurse

set /a I+=1

if %I%==0 echo LEND Files not received >> %log%
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Your code goes from countfiles to exit. Try this:

set /a I+=1
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There were actually several flaws - reusing the time variable, expecting pause to be used as a delay, the time frame could have been missed in the test, and other more minor things.

This is tested as far as the file counting goes but not the 17:30 branch

I changed the style of a few commands and variable names (I is too much like l and i and 1 in many fonts)

@echo off

set log=C:\logs\alerting.log

for /f %%P in ('dir /b "C:\incoming\LEND*" 2^>nul ^| find /c /v "" ') do set c=%%P
set now=%time:~0,5%
echo Filecount: %c% at Time: %now%
echo Filecount: %c% at Time: %now% >> %log%
if %now:~0,2%%now:~3,2% GTR 1730 goto :OUT
ping -n 60 localhost >nul
goto :loop

if %c% EQU 0 echo LEND Files not received >> %log%
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Thanks foxidrive. I used your code and it doesnt run at all. I made a small change to my code and that seemed to have worked the magic so far: for /f %%P in ('dir /b "C:\incoming\LEND*"') do (set /a I+=1) and got rid of ":countfiles". –  Rage May 7 '13 at 1:48
I had a typo in the code. Try it now - I tested it and it's working here for file counting. You need to test the branch at 17:30 –  foxidrive May 7 '13 at 4:59

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