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I'm trying to add a constraint global_cardinality to my program and in the manual of SICStus Prolog is written:



where Xs = [X1,...,Xd] is a list of integers or domain variables, and Vals = [K1-V1,...,Kn-Vn] is a list of pairs where each key Ki is a unique integer and Vi is a domain variable or an integer. True if every element of Xs is equal to some key and for each pair Ki-Vi, exactly Vi elements of Xs are equal to Ki.

Now I can write:

global_cardinality([A,B,C], [1-2, 2-1]).

to say that the number 1 will be used twice. The number 2 will be used just once.

But I would like to say that the number 1 will be used: once, twice or three times

According to the manual I need a domain variable but what is the proper syntax for that?

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not sure about this, but from SWI-Prolog page I think you could try

...global_cardinality([A,B,C], [1-X, 2-1]), (X #= 1 #\/ X #= 2 #\/ X #= 2)...


?- global_cardinality([A,B,C], [1-X, 2-1]), X in 1..3, label([A,B,C]).A = B, B = 1,
C = X, X = 2 ;
A = C, C = 1,
B = X, X = 2 ;
A = X, X = 2,
B = C, C = 1.
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Thanks. It works the same way. My ability to google answers for SICStus Prolog is so bad that similar dummy questions will follow :( –  MartyIX May 6 '13 at 14:31
Is there any chat room with people who are interested in Prolog? I tried IRC channel ##Prolog on Freenode and it is not much active. –  MartyIX May 6 '13 at 14:31
Sorry, I don't known. But Prolog it's a bit out of fashion, or better, it was hot too much years ago. Then I think it's improbable you can find to chat about it. –  CapelliC May 6 '13 at 14:39
Yes, Prolog is old but constraint programming is far from being dead as far as I know.. –  MartyIX May 6 '13 at 15:03
You're right. But I think the SemanticWeb infrastructure will rule. I hope (better, I'm proactive on this) it will revamp some interest. –  CapelliC May 6 '13 at 15:14
?- X in 1..3, global_cardinality([A,B,C], [1-X, 2-1]).

HTH, --Mats

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