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I'm trying to show/hide span tag on mouse hover of another element

<li class="requirement" id="requirement_1">
  <h3><a href="#">REQ 2 - QWERTY</a></h3>
  <span class="fr drag" style="display:none;">[drag]</span>
<li class="requirement" id="requirement_2">
  <h3><a href="#">REQ 2 - AZERTY</a></h3>
  <span class="fr drag" style="display:none;">[drag]</span>

Basically on h3 mouse hover I'd like to show [drag] span but only for the concerned li element. It should only show the closest I guess. Thanks.

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What have you tried ? What was the problem ? Did you get any error message ? Show us some more code please :-) – Laurent S. May 6 '13 at 13:46
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try this:

}, function(){


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Thanks, exactly what I needed – olivier May 6 '13 at 14:50

You can use the jQuery .hover() function, which takes two functions, one which will enter when mouse enters the desired element, and one which fires when mouse leaves it (basically, a combination of mouseenter and mouseleave events. You can use .toggle() function which hides and displays an element inside those callback functions.

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You can use jquery show and hide functions.

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I Think this will work in your case.

  $('.requirement h3').hover(function(){
       $(this).next(".fr .drag").css("display","block");
    }, function(){
       $(this).next(".fr .drag").css("display","none");
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