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I am trying since long time to show the StreetView of particular location in Android but unfortunately unable to succeed.

What i require is that if i provide a position(LAT,LONG) to the map it should show the streetview of that particular position.

Following is the working code that shows Map, 3D map, hybrid map, sattlatite view etc etc.. BUT not showing the STREETVIEW...

mMap = ((SupportMapFragment) getSupportFragmentManager().findFragmentById(R.id.map)).getMap();
    mMap.addMarker(new MarkerOptions().position(new LatLng(33.748832, -84.38751300000001)).title("Marker"));
    CameraPosition cameraPosition = new CameraPosition.Builder()
    .zoom(17)                   // Sets the zoom
    .target(new LatLng(33.748832, -84.38751300000001))
    .bearing(90)                // Sets the orientation of the camera to east
    .tilt(30)                   // Sets the tilt of the camera to 30 degrees
    .build();                   // Creates a CameraPosition from the builder

I just need is some way to show the StreetView..

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You cannot embed streetview in your own app using Google Maps Android API v2.

You can:

  • run StreetView through Intent
  • try using javascript API v3 with WebView

Edit: note, this is now available on iOS, so may be available on Android in the future.

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Ok thanks for the reply .... Lets try it through INTENT and will let all know about the proceeding. –  Parth May 7 '13 at 5:54
I was able to do so ... but now i need to show a popoer on it plz follow my new question stackoverflow.com/questions/16418418/… –  Parth May 7 '13 at 12:30

Since Google Play services 4.4.+ Streetview API is available. Check here https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/android/streetview

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