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I want to play a certain parts of a wav file. Like playing the first ten seconds and then playing it from 50th-60th seconds and so on. I know how to play a entire wave file in Java using the start method of SourceDataLine class. Could anybody give me some pointers as to how I can seek a particular time position for audio and play it?

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  • Find the length of a frame, in bytes, from the AudioFormat
  • Find the length in bytes of a second, by multiplying the frame size by the frame rate.
  • skip() that amount of bytes.
  • Play until the 2nd number of bytes calculated using the same formula.
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That's exactly what I did after I got some idea from Marko's reply. Thanks for writing it down in steps. –  BuzzLightYear May 8 '13 at 9:45

As far as I can see, nothing happens when you just call start. You are responsible for pushing the bytes of your choice into the line. So open a RandomAccessFile, seek to the appropriate offset, and execute a loop that transports the file data to the SourceDataLine.

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Thank you. Your answer gave me a good start. –  BuzzLightYear May 8 '13 at 9:44

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