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I have one script of database SQL server which contains all objects. I want to push this script into source control which TFS where each object should have seperate file .

how can i do this

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In Sql Server Management Studio (I'm looking at 2012 right now, I don't know if this is available in earlier versions), right-click on a database, select Tasks -> Generate Scripts. On the Set Scripting Options tab, select the option that says "Single file per object".

There are plenty of tools to do this for you. For instance, if you have Visual Studio 2010/2012 Premium or above, you can create a database project and import a database - the import process generates scripts of all objects and you can easily put them in source control.

Here's a list of other tools that I was able to find just by googling database source control:

Failing any of that, you can write your own using SMO. MSDN documentation has a tutorial on identifying and scripting database dependencies. Implementing your own scripting process is quite trivial using the SMO API. The MSDN example gives you almost all of the code you need (you'll need to write the code to split each item into a separate file).

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Regarding the Red Gate option, you might find the SQL Source Control SSMS add-in the more appropriate option for this scenario. –  David Atkinson May 14 '13 at 11:10

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