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I am trying to use LINQ to XML in an with the XDocument object. How do you query the result element in the example below?


When I use a statement like this, I get the exception 'Additional information: The ':' character, hexadecimal value 0x3A, cannot be included in a name.'

XDocument doc = XDocument.Parse(xml);
string value = doc.Descendants("serv:header").First().Descendants("serv:response").First().Descendants("serv:result").First().Value;
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serv in your XML is a namespace prefix. It has to be associated with some URI, that identifies the namespace. Look for an attribute like this in your XML:


The value inside the quotes will be the namespace. Now, in your C# code, you use that URI to create an XNamespace object:

private static readonly XNamespace serv = "...";

And then you can use that in queries like this:

string value = doc
    .Descendants(serv + "header").First()
    .Descendants(serv + "response").First()
    .Descendants(serv + "result").First()

By the way, you should consider using .Element() rather than .Descendants().First().

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That colon means that the XML is using namespaces. Based on this blogpost someone posted about LINQ, XML, and namespaces, here's a version of your code that you might want to try.:

static XName serv(string name)
  return XNamespace.Get("<THE_NAMESPACE_URL>") + name;

XDocument doc = XDocument.Parse(xml);
string value = doc.Descendants(serv("header")).First().Descendants(serv("response")).First().Descendants(serv("result")).First().Value;
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