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Suppose I have this formula


Why does it return N/A? I would expect it to return 4.

Greater Than

But What confuses me more is that when I change it to a Less than Match(1) it works as expected.

Less Then

And even though I knew it would match the wrong thing I still thought it would be good to include I tried all values as Text and it did not return N/A, although it also return 1 no matter what I replace 16 with

Text Match

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It's correct.

  • with -1 The values in the lookup_array argument must be placed in descending order
  • with 1 The values in the lookup_array argument must be placed in ascending order
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Wow, That makes sense. I assumed that didn't matter because the tool tip that pops up specifically says that for 0 it can be any order, but for -1 and 1 it doesn't mention order at all. – user2140261 May 6 '13 at 16:15

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