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I'm trying to loop through the rows in my jQuery datatable to pull out certain row information and insert it into my array which I will later use in the AJAX call.

I understand I could use the .each in Datatables, but I only want some of the columns (I have HTML edit/delete that I don't need in the JSON)

The current set up is similar to:

//Create the array
var myArray = new Array();
var oTable = $('#myDataTable').dataTable();
var tableLength = oTable.fnGetData().length;

        //Step through table
        for (var i = 0; i < tableLength; i++) {
            myArray[i][0] = oTable.fnGetData(i, 0);
            myArray[i][1] = oTable.fnGetData(i, 1);
            myArray[i][2] = oTable.fnGetData(i, 3);
            myArray[i][3] = oTable.fnGetData(i, 4);
//Stringify the object
jsonArray = JSON.stringify(myArray); 

Perhaps my syntax is off for fnGetData? The reference sheet does say the parameters are (row, node). Is this the correct way to step through this table getting only certain values?

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If you want only the n column:

oTable = $('#example').dataTable();
var secondCellArray=[];
$.each( oTable.fnGetData(), function(i, row){
    secondCellArray.push( row[1]);

Alternative way... but you get the html inside a cell... You can access all the rows using:

var rows = $("#myTable").dataTable().fnGetNodes();
for(var i=0;i<rows.length;i++) {
//Get HTML of 3rd column (for example)
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