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I am building a Hybrid application using Phonegap on Android, their is a scenario where I am calling java API from JavaScript using Android WebView.

I want to catch exception in JavaScript if any exception occur while executing Java Native API. When I execute this it works but when Java Native code throws Exception application crashes and gives below exception in logs

05-06 21:28:03.230: W/dalvikvm(705): JNI WARNING: JNI method called with exception raised

05-06 21:28:03.239: E/dalvikvm(705): VM aborting

Java Native Code:

public Object callNative() throws Exception {
    throw new Exception("Exception Occured");

JavaScript Code:

try {
} catch(e) {
    // Exception Caught
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I do not believe you are calling your intended method from JavaScript:

window.callNative("STRING PARAMETER VALUE");

According to your example, you are calling a different, likely undeclared method:


Change your code to call the method I supply in the first code block.

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Sorry Josh that's my mistake but the issue is something else, how to handle exception in JavaScript if its thrown from native Java –  Simply Innovative May 7 '13 at 6:38

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