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game seem run too quickly in some scene, I wanna limit fps at 30. I am using pure-cpp d3d. I find SetWaitableTimer is not available in WP8 (which i use to limit fps in desktop)

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SleepConditionVariableCS is available in WP8 here is the code for sleep

struct WaitTimeData
    CONDITION_VARIABLE conditionVariable;
    CRITICAL_SECTION criticalSection;

        memset(&criticalSection , 0 , sizeof(CRITICAL_SECTION));
        //InitializeCriticalSection(&_CriticalSection); wp8 has no this func
        criticalSection.DebugInfo = (PRTL_CRITICAL_SECTION_DEBUG)-1;
        criticalSection.LockCount = -1;

int WPSleep(unsigned int ms)
    static WaitTimeData s_wtd;


    if (GetLastError() == ERROR_TIMEOUT)

    return 0;
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