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I'm having a bad time figuring why the program is pausing indefinitely, i.e. exhibiting infinite-loop-like behavior

def class foo():
    def __catcher(self, signum, _):
        print "TIME OUT EXCEEDED"
        # Reset timer
        signal.setitimer(signal.ITIMER_REAL, 0.0, _SENDERTMOUT_)
        # Do something 
        for i in range (self.base, self.next_seqno):
    def start(self):
        while something:
            Start doing some work
            if self.base == self.next_seqno:
                old_handler = signal.signal(signal.SIGALRM, self.__catcher) 
                signal.setitimer(signal.ITIMER_REAL, _SENDERTMOUT_)

            Do more work until timer goes off

Perhaps I don't know the sequence of execution, when timer times out in start(), the program jumps to __catcher(), right? Then timer is reset, and the rest of the statement, then where does the program resume execution?

Thanks for the help!

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I guess it gets back to the place the timer interrupted?

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